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Customer Vision

We are known on every continent because of our leadership position in the design and manufacturing of moulds for the transformation of aluminum and plastic materials.

This leadership rests on :

  • Our ability to deliver, on schedule, high-tech moulds that meet every quality requirement specified by the customers;
  • Our real or virtual proximity to the customer, which is evident by our constant exchanges throughout the process, by testing the molds before delivery and by the rapid technical support offered after delivery.
  • Our versatility and flexibility in an international context that helps our personnel to adapt rapidly to the language and culture of the customers.

The results of customer surveys are unequivocal: the flexibility, availability and commitment of Rocand’s team make it a trusted partner for implementing the efficient and innovative solutions you have developed for extrusion-blow and high-tech complex injection moulds.


A passion is born out of one’s desire to reach one’s potential and live new challenges that appear on the road. Even if this road is an adventurous one, Rocand does not hesitate to take it and go beyond your expectations in order to reach perfection.