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The ECORESPONSIBLE certification, a new lever of development for Rocand

Rocand consolidates its reputation as an industry leader by receiving the ECOLEADER title under the ECORESPONSIBLE certification issued by the Council of Sustainable Industries. The company was awarded this seal of excellence after satisfying all the requirements of the ECORESPONSIBLE Sustainable Development Certification Program, Level 1 – Commitment.

Rocand is part of the select club of some twenty plastics processing companies that obtained the certification after implementing the ECOLEADERSHIP™ methodology. As an ECOLEADER, Rocand draws on the world’s best sustainable development practices as part of its efforts for continuous improvement.

Our sustainable development charter, a daily source of inspiration

In accordance with the ECORESPONSIBLE Certification Program, Rocand has adopted a sustainable development charter under which the company undertakes to exceed the legal requirements for both sound governance and respect of the physical, social and economic environment in which it operates.

Rocand’s management has made a commitment to integrate the principles of this charter into each of the company’s activities, with the unwavering support of its employees. Application of the charter is achieved through a detailed action plan designed around a number of objectives, including:

  • implementation of good OHS practices;
  • optimal management of residual materials and power consumption;
  • development of workers’ skills; and
  • creation of a pleasant, attractive and collaborative environment within the company.

Thanks to the ECORESPONSIBLE™ certification and the commitments it entails, Rocand is proud of its global reach and its ability to lead the way in the area of sustainable business practices.

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