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The 5S method: a token of excellence at Rocand

Rocand is proud to further enhance its operational efficiency by adopting the 5S method.

5S is a logical approach designed to increase workplace productivity and safety via workplace and equipment optimization. Implementing 5S mobilizes the entire company toward reducing waste and unplanned downtime, and reflects Rocand’s steadfast commitment to continuously improving its internal processes.

From personnel training to maintaining proficiency, implementation of the 5S system is achieved through a series of key steps, in which orderliness, efficiency and standardization are watchwords.

At the heart of the 5S system: client satisfaction

Achieving and maintaining 5S quality standards requires determination, professionalism and a firm commitment on the part of Rocand’s managers and employees. In the end everyone involved come out ahead, thanks to the cost and time savings afforded by the increased productivity that goes hand in hand with 5S. Enhanced product and service quality is another benefit of 5S that Rocand is delighted to share with its business partners.

To learn more about the 5S method, please refer to the documents below.